Seychelles’ first private radio station hits the airwaves tomorrow

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Seychelles’ first private radio station hits the airwaves tomorrow

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:32 am

Seychelles’ first private radio station hits the airwaves tomorrow

Seychelles’ first private and commercial radio station, PureFM, will hit the airwaves as from tomorrow, providing entertainment and information to listeners across the country.

PureFM, which will broadcast 24 hours a day, will adopt a full service format featuring music, news, magazine-styled programmes, entertainment and sports.

The radio station is the property of Pure Entertainment Limited, a company registered in Seychelles and chaired by Ahmed Mahir Didi, a Maldivian.

While PureFM will try to appeal to a diverse spectrum of the Seychellois public, its play list, particularly during day time, will feature a large selection of the 80s and 90s classic hits.

The station has taken on board some industry veterans as well as up-and-coming broadcasters in its team. They have been handpicked to appeal to a wide segment of the public and it is hoped that they will connect with the listeners within the context of the vision and values of PureFM.

PureFM has 25 workers -- 16 on a full-time basis and nine part-timers. They include Russel Vidot as the acting chief executive officer and chief editor; Phylis Coeur-de-Lion, sales and marketing executive; Derrick Young- Khon, director of programmes; Dave Furneau, chief engineer; Andy Henriette, sports journalist; Unisy Bonnelame, director of administration and finance. PureFm has only three expatriates working for them.

PureFM’s signals can be picked up in north and central Mahé on its main frequency, which is 90.7 Megahertz. Listeners in the eastern, southern and western parts of Mahé will be able to tune in on 90.0 Megahertz. The frequency for Praslin, La Digue and other inner islands is 95.7 Megahertz.

In addition to its normal radio broadcasts, PureFM will also use live internet streaming via its website to reach listeners all over the world.

Comment - Is this the same operation like the Politechnique buildings with the government took over and renovated and said this was Seychelles University.


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