STC hypermarket and Bois de Rose complex to open October 2

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STC hypermarket and Bois de Rose complex to open October 2

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:03 pm

STC hypermarket and Bois de Rose complex to open October 2


A new shopping experience! This is what the much-hyped Seychelles Trading Company hypermarket will offer its clients.

The STC hypermarket is situated inside the Bois de Rose complex which is set to open on the October 2 at 3pm.

What is in stock for you?

“It’s a surprise,” said Seychelles Trading Company (STC) chief executive Veronique Laporte.

Ms Laporte and the Société Seychelloise D’Investissement Limited (SSI) chief executive Jacquelin Dugasse spoke to the local media yesterday to give more details about the Bois de Rose complex and the new STC hypermarket.

“The STC hypermarket will be three and half times bigger than the one in Victoria and we will be offering a different kind of shopping experience to all. We will have more and new items on sale at affordable prices. There will be a bigger variety of products offered and our team has worked really hard to put everything in place,” remarked Ms Laporte.

She also said every month there will be a specific brand promotion. “STC imports its goods but we are also partnering with local suppliers to cater for local vegetables, fruits, meat and other commodities,” added Ms Laporte.

The two chief executives also gave details of the structure of the building and how things will work out.

“There are some surprises. One of them is the creation of a café which will offer healthy food inside the hypermarket. The Gift shop vis-à-vis the Docklands will be closed and everything will be available at the hypermarket,” said Ms. Laporte who added that people of all walks of life will be able to find something in the hypermarket.

Does this mean the STC supermarket in Victoria will close doors? “No not at all. But at the end of November we will close for two and a half weeks for renovation works,” she stressed.

The new hypermarket will employ 152 workers out of which 98 are new staff and Ms Laporte is urging people to keep applying for jobs as there are still some vacancies left to be filled.

Established in 2008, the SSI is a company wholly owned by the government of Seychelles and one of its primary roles is to guide the strategy and oversee the performance and objectives of all government-owned commercial parastatals and agencies.

“SSI’s mission and vision is to undertake investments in order to support economic development and growth so as to maximise returns for the government which is the major shareholder in these commercial parastatals. The two main objectives of the company are to be the investment vehicle for the government of Seychelles in key strategic sectors; and to operate as the holding company for all commercial ventures of the Seychelles government,” explained Mr Dugasse.

After the two previous developers faced financial difficulties, the Bois de Rose complex was bought by the government through the SSI at a cost of R160 million.

“Now that the first part of the project has been completed and with the opening of the STC hypermarket, 15 other businesses will open their doors. Thirteen of these businesses are fully owned by Seychellois. We have received lots of demand for space rental and in the second phase of the project we will be able to cater for more businesses,” added Mr Dugasse.

The Bois de Rose complex will be open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm and on Sundays and public holidays from 9am to 5pm.

How to get there?

Once the complex is open, there will be a paid shuttle service from the main bus station in Victoria every hour and there will also be a taxi bay. The parking space can hold 125 cars.

As of 3pm on October 2, the general public will be able to discover this new complex.


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STC hypermarket opens

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:21 pm

STC hypermarket opens


It had been the talk of the town or rather of all Seychelles since the project was announced late last year, and preparations going on on Bois de Rose Avenue for the past nine months had been an attracting sight for excited consumers.

And if as Seychellois we were used to refer to ‘supermarkets’ for our weekly or monthly shopping, we now have to get accustomed to the term ‘hypermarket’, as this is how the STC (Seychelles Trading Company) has decided to define the largest shopping outlet to date in the country.

The STC hypermarket opened its doors yesterday, offering a different shopping experience to customers, with a variety of high quality products and services all under one roof and in one location.

It was Vice-President Danny Faure and STC’s chief executive Veronique Laporte who had the honour of unveiling the commemorative plaque to officially open the new facilities, in the presence of President James Michel and Jacquelin Dugasse, chief executive of Société Seychelloise d’Investissement (SSI) – the parastatal company which owns the property.

In his speech, Mr Faure traced the history of the place which he described as quite long and had started with a private public partnership, which however could not continue due to the private partner being victim of the global financial crisis.

He added that determined to have a convenient store, convenient place and convenient price for Seychellois consumers, the government decided to complete the project.

This, he said, is proof that the government wants to fuel the continued growth of the economy and to intervene when the private sector cannot complete certain projects.

Commenting on the presence of Seychellois businesses which the vice-president referred to as “upcoming small and medium-size enterprises” (SMEs) which are leasing space in the 7,000 square metre complex which has cost R160 million, he said this is a direct response to the government’s wish to provide space to SMEs and permit them to grow.

He concluded that the new STC hypermarket will revolutionise shopping habits and patterns in Seychelles, as it will offer new shopping experience and service.

He described the opening as a new beginning for the STC, company which he said many Seychellois look upon for quality products.

Describing the project as “a first for Seychelles”, Mr Dugasse has on his side wished to thank all those who have believed in the SSI group of companies and helped make it come to reality. These include the Seychelles government as a shareholder, Nouvobanq, Green Island Construction, SSI and STC staff as well as the tenants.

The 3,800 square kilometre large hypermarket is STC’s largest retail store in Seychelles and offers extensive choices of products such as dry goods, meat, fruits, vegetables, fish and other seafood, dairy products, as well as non-food items such as home decors, stationery, electronic home appliances, toys, gifts and beauty care products etc.

Apart from the hypermarket, the Bois de Rose shopping complex as the entire centre has been named comprises a mini shopping mall with over 15 commercial units offering a variety of products and services. They include an eye centre, pharmacy, money changer, laundry, garden centre, hair and beauty salon, bank with ATM and night safe facilities, as well as sports, flower, garments’, pet and furniture shop. Customers can also pay their utility and telephone bills, or even buy a new mobile phone or starter pack from the Cable & Wireless or Airtel showroom.

The complex will also have a ‘Healthy Living Café’ catering for snacks and pastries, and a cellar offering a wide selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages. In the near future, it is expected to have a food court, a children’s play room as well as some other facilities.

The Bois de Rose shopping complex is ideally situated outside the city centre, permitting shoppers to avoid the busy Victoria traffic or losing time to find a parking space. It has a vast parking area which can cater for over 125 cars. If you do not want to get entangled in traffic jam or if you do not possess a vehicle, you still do not have to worry: The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation provides an hourly bus shuttle service to and from the Victoria Bus Terminal. In case your shopping bag is too heavy to carry, you can also take a cab back home from one of the complex’s taxi bays.

After receiving the blessing of Deacon Danny Elizabeth and Father Colin Underwood, respectively of the Anglican and Catholic churches, the STC hypermarket opened its doors to guests present, followed by the general public. As from today, it will be opened from 9am, offering late day shopping up to 8pm from Monday to Saturday. Contrary to most – if not all – other shopping centres which are closed in the afternoon of Sundays and public holidays, it will close at 5pm on those days.

The accompanying photos show guests touring the new hypermarket and a view of the Bois de Rose shopping complex which houses the STC hypermarket.


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