In Old Seychellois/Mauritian/Reunion creole what is called Monkey disease, Affenkrankheit, maladie de singe,

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In Old Seychellois/Mauritian/Reunion creole what is called Monkey disease, Affenkrankheit, maladie de singe,

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:15 am

So much for life - those in the first place how induced it/on the streets of London threaten "we will make you blind as they have threatened with other evil/curse". - in Old Seychellois/Mauritian/Reunion creole what is called Monkey disease, Affenkrankheit, maladie de singe, malattia scimmia. All those female/male and children or old ladies and gentleman who though we/I was winking at them for kicks or to pester them.

Three/four years ago suddenly developed drowsiness and the tendency to shut my eyes on the tube, train, bus when travelling. When walking the streets felt the need/urge to stop and shut my eyes very hard for a few minutes. It got worse it developed into wobbly feeling.
I went to my GP and explained to her and spoke with others on the streets and the community - particularly our GP/NHS, her attitude. " Almost I should not have come to her/ and she became unfriendly to use a polite English expression." I take and took the threat's of those who had rave/rage - "they would make me go blind and cause me to have an accident seriously". So I went to Medecin san Frontier in London and reported the situation and incident and they took note and advised me to go and see specialist at London University Hospital - which I did, and they diagnose mild cataract - I shared the issue with the Horner Family. This situation make it difficult to Travel, concentrate and focus on one's work.

In France and Vienna those I met/had meeting with explained the situation in London - the NHS. In London those who had suggested I go to a private specialist.

After sever protests and the involvement of medecin San Frontier - My GP go me referral to a the leading Eye center in London/Isllington - I was tested by four specialist/my medical report would confirm this - the conclusion mild cataract. and was given drops.

The situation have been getting worse/share with the relatives and others. Looked/seeked alternative solution. I attended clinic in Portsmouth and again her advice and diagnosis. I went o Chichester Cathedral and requested a senior Catholic Priest to pray for me after I had explained to him the situation and issues - I complained to lawyers and Age concern too. Have written and address the EUNHCR on the subject.

Yesterday I decided to visit and seek the advice of a special Eye clinic and began complaining bitterly the difference between French eye care/German compared to the shoddy system in Britain and she retorted that her clinic they have visitor coming from France - She then arrange for me to meet their specialist and he after listening and we talked a good deal, he concluded I had Blepharospasm. This situation is not amusing all of you can all read/research google. What about those from the SDA church - several we talked about, their attitude.
All, I say to those who helped/induced that infernal monkey disease as we say in old creole, French, English and Italian - you are not God. The last word and Power belongs to him - so is judgement and revenge. It is not the first time in our life we have come across the many great doctors and specialist who have diagnose a disease or malaise and then after hard work and battle discovered it was completely different/wrong.

On the road/Train back their respective reaction and attitude - move travel fast - those form the conservative who induced this disease got to know and will get to know. They know who I am /I/we know who they are. " In Africa the medicine practice - those who know and Latin America". The many African and Latin american on the streets of London who have been looking and watching us the past 4 years.

Our computer is monitored - as we write and type or research - in UK and USA those involved. they almost crashed that thread. Then the filth they write how democratic they are, upholding the law. I will be posting this thread to our forums.


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