Dear Seychelles Government & President of SPPF

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Dear Seychelles Government & President of SPPF

Post  Sirop14 on Sat May 02, 2009 12:19 pm

For those who know who we are we ought to be in a place of prayer/church/synagogue today. Obviously the millions of inhabitants of former COMECON countries are idiots, they have not Christian knowledge, archaic/fraternal values only the government of Seychelles and the SPPF. How they take the 5th of June as a God given Day of festivity, celebration and great events. The many EU institutions, the millions of inhabitants of former COMECON, USSR are idiots. Including those responsible for running the Catholic church in the world.

Obviously the SPPF, Seychelles government got its directive of how to respect, mark and celebrate their 5th of June celebration somewhere. The practice of nations, mankind from the beginning of time on/upon unique events, depending how important those involve hold it the level and percentage of national respect or Godly respect or military or scientific and others they given and those with the power to make it be respected.

Family, society, government send and spend vast amount of money to educate the children and future generation – send them to school, college and universities that they learn and acquire what is deemed /relevant for their future, development of society expansion of knowledge, replacement of those in various function of society etc.

Today – this Saturday 2/05/09 – with out starting a mega conflict with many Christian churches – what and how it is written from the beginning of mankind how the Divinity have required, ask of men, nature to respect certain laws. This is to be found in all Religious institutions across the world. Muslims, Hindu, Buddhism etc.. the few who really understand and know some of the very important aspect of what led to the changes in the former COMECON and Soviet system. The ethical values of society, government, civil societies, the media in the world today. The need to pay due religious respect – certain ritual religious practice – ceremonies or mass like wise if it is a social or political related important event.

We ought to have been praying – taking part in sharing which those who believe in certain Christian values what the Divinity have done for us the world, the health, wisdom, abilities that we could 20 years ago contribute to the world and our nation what we did.

Instead we still have our dirty cloth/garment of the week( those from the Seychelles community in Britain we have tried to explain our dirty cloth/our protest at the system in Seychelles and the terrible reaction of the EU institutions) and thinking of those attending the historic celebration be they in Phrag, Bruxelles, the many former COMECON countries, Soviet Union. Some of the feed back we have been getting on account of the issues we have addressed the Commissioner for Enlargement and many others. Why is it that all other nations when one of their native person make or achieve the most modest achievement they know and have the procedure to appreciate, understand or try and understand, appraise, discuss, written or inform other of such achievement however modest.

In Seychelles until 1991 there were Seychellois and Seychellois – those in exile were not human, they did not matter or count and even today a great many do not mater or count. Yet we have a situation the the World Institutions, including the EU and the World Media acknowledge only the the achievements those those Seychelles using the resource of what was not theirs in the first place – how they acquired it to acknowledge – make the world acknowledge their achievement/s.

We have been scanning the Nation, Mauritius, Madagascar media this week and watching the article the Seychelles e-News would be publishing and that of Nouveau Seychelles Weekly to mark the 20the Anniversary of the fall of the COMECON, the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact.

Instead what we read – the sum up of 20 years in Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar this is our Home and concern.

One Item of very grave concern is the economic and financial situation in Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, the region and Africa the grave uncertainty and why we are where we are. The very terrible corrupted political bench mark and practice. Everybody forgot , forgets how the people demanded quick justice for all those who had led and had major responsibilities in the affairs of a given COMECON nation and their fate. Some of them were far human that many in the current so call freed and democratic part of the Indian Ocean Region – indeed Africa.

The concern did not stop there – the appointment of the new Secretary of State in Seychelles and his Benchmark – how we opposed those from the Exile community who had wanted and started to used dishonest political, corporate bench mark practice to impact Seychelles politic in 1991 onward. However young and need time to catch up with the world of the previous Secretary of State the new Secretary of State needs.

More concerning is the appointment of the Indian person – known as Dr Ramados. Over the past 18 years the very many allegations of corruption and some of the business involvement and interest he has acquired. His election or appointment as Chair of SCCI.

We address the parliament, the Seychelles Cabinet Ministers, the diplomatic representation in Seychelles. The world in on the verge of flipping or tilting over on account of the terrible bench mark used and practice over the past 20 years. Our Seychelles community in Britain – the Asian community in Britain. During the government of Mrs Tacther and John Major how we protested, the manipulation – the oppressive, the racist practice towards our community. Because every where one when they were in Office, they control the finance and Local politic what happened and how we have been oppressed. We have viewed and state these concern to BRC, NCVO and LVSC officials. ( Our attempts to bring our community situation t9o the Blair Officials and government were met with heavy judicial threats and what the police would inflict on us - we we did not stop the written protest)

The political practice in Seychelles against the deceleration of UN, Commonwealth or African Union the political parties, government official who have decided for political expediency recruit, given jobs and many other advantage to none Seychelles Indians. The political madness they have been perusing.

Dr Ramados would by now have acquired certain knowledge of our person and very many important involvement in the development of Seychelles over the past 30 years indeed the very nature of the changes which took place in 1991, given the he had important Army contact be they in Seychelles or India – the Indian Intelligence Service.

He has just taken Office as Chair of SCCI and he has started threating us with what we have termed Satanic rave/rage, in Britain the Asian community know as neighbor from Hell or anti social practice. He has threaten that he has powerful connection all over the world to do us harm.

We will not go into his medical experience or knowledge or the Legal and national implication – simply to address the world, the UN, the EU and African Union Institutions and those individual in Seychelles be they government and other wise. We have stated our involvement in the debacle of the Gandhi Family, what led to the assassination to Mrs Gandhi, the Son' s, the marriage of her son to an Italian and the politic of Indian for the past 15 years.

These are way above the head of Dr Ramados, indeed FA Rene and JA Michel – how the Indian government and multinational have benefited form our many not Seychelles as in the Indian Ocean but EU many important multinational and corporate connections – those who have been involved in raiding it.

When we stated we ought to be in a church/place of prayer/synagogue today. The millions of Indians they believe they have the rights to spiritual belief and that their belief ought to be respected – we demand that ours be respected too.

The divinity, the spiritual powers, faith which those who had and their involvement which made the changes in former COMECON come about and the USSR. The way the world media explain events and how they work. Their lop sided view.

Given such involvement and dimension of History – again those in Seychelles be they from the Government or the SPPF who have only interest to use and abuse the dimension of what took place, line their coffers, place those they favor into high office and the rest they shut out.

We trust all those from the EU and former COMECON who have been following our affairs over the past 18 years and current situation will take the time to discuss and find out what is really happening before they come to conclusion.

Just like they detested what was done to them - we protest and detest what is being and has been done to use for the past 20 years. In the name of democracy, freedom and justice. The many Indian Personalities from Seychelles, India, Mauritius and Britain involved.. ( We will state this before any serious Court, African Union, EU and the International court, there are voluminous record of the economic, political sitaution until 1991 - the state of the Indian/Asian community in Seychelles - bes9de what had taken place across Africa. In our effort and fight to bring changes to Seychelles we brought the economic freedom, the possibilities for those same Indian /Asians communities in Seychelles to go back to the old days of Seychelles and make massive fortune and then turn round and insult us - this is democracy, freedom and justice) the very mean and woman we fought to free they are excluded from the nationl wealth, earning, starting a business or even protesting.

We ask those from the EU institutions who have the responsibility to monitor and take into account the Development of Seychelles and our community in EU – what this means is that those of us who will be struggling to help Seychelles and our nation given the difficult situation and those who have been given Office just to line their pocket, make more money, become more nasty and shout democracy , justice and freedom because they control the the government, the media and the many diplomatic links and the national finance.

How can one go in a place of prayer, church or synagogue face and confronted with such state of things. What will one prayer be like or thank you to the divinity be like.,%202009/p04b_ramadoss.html


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