Successful economic policies should guarantee Michel re-election

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Successful economic policies should guarantee Michel re-election

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:08 pm

How many have read Seychelles nation today - UniSey now a registered centre of the University of London -‘Dream and dream big, and then realise it,’ says President Michel

Every nation is proud what their country and country man achieves. Not so in Sechelels Seychelles - we should be proud only what President J A Michel say he has achieved.

For some 35 years it was not President JA Michel who promoted, discussed and argued for a Seychelles University - it was my person as conceptor of that SIROP 1987 program. I/We believe Mr David Rakotopare former Leading UNIDO worker/Executive is still alive what we discussed about Seychelles then 1978/9 on Education.

This is not being derogatory - President J A Michel must be "spastic" "Dream and dream big and then realise it" others are not allowed to dream big safe him - worse than that he steal other people dream just like the SPUP stole all the land of those who had worked several generation very hard to get anywhere.

This Problematic is the fault of every Seychellois and the international community how many of you and those from the International community have read/studied the contents of that SIROP program - it is unfinished a great of details left out. Even the great President FA Rene could not have dreamt/concept such a Program - yet president J A Michel wants every Seychellois to believe he is far better than President FA Rene - this is why we introduce the " spastic" adjective - other would label and call him an outright thief for stealing others idea and using government money/resource to implement them.

"Successful economic policies should guarantee Michel re-election" We have on the one hand the former wife of president Zuma if she could have us arrested or jailed for that SIROP Program because we have not said it was the idea of the OAU. Right across Africa, India, Gulf Region their practice and benchmark nobody have come forward and acknowledge the contents of that SIROP program - worse still before the 2007 global meltdown they did not have info in writing and not that they have they are stealing, pirating its contents and applying it /them in their politic and policy.

President JA Michel since he has come into office have been using, stealing and creaming off most of the information , issues of that SIROP program applying them then say he is a great Leader, genius - the problematic we play along at the beginning - now he think, he can go on doing it for ever. Beside Lady Natali Michel who got absolutely fed up with him - now ex Minister Pat Pillay and several form the former SPPF/PL

Yes I/we negotiated that Program with then President FA Rene 1987, His then Ministers and many other but not then Minister JA Michel. We also agreed to provide the due Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary High Management discipline required for its implementation. He is taking his cue from several leading so call world politicians who are creaming off, stealing and pirating vital information from that SIROP program and applying them and saying it is their ideas.

The strange and funniest part - all those studying at SeyUNI they are supposed to be better that your former Technical School finish - at University level you are taught critical thinking - yet nobody from SeyUNI have dare come forward and say Mr President JA Michel and many of you out there you are stealing, Pirating vital information from that SIROP program and applying it. " Hence we have been seeking and asking the big institutions who helped us with that program to intervene/regulate".

The worse are the many Opposition parties - because they just did not want to give credit to that SIROP program, their inward looking/approach and the whole world is laughing at them. Asking are the Seychellois nation that daft. Our NGO, our National media.


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