Restructuring/relocating Islington place

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Restructuring/relocating Islington place

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:12 pm

It is nice to see a picture of a close relative from UN/UNIDO what we had in mind to say and has been on our mind for two weeks those who really monitor us.

It concern that Flat/Place at Islington - Hermitage House.

PM Blair his government and the many special committees which were set up during the Blair and PM Gordon Brown era failed/refuse to share with the public. They ought to

There have been a great deal written for the past 15 years about the SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerrard Hoareau. To understand/explain this need to go back to the pre SIROP conception - across the world the Freelance Soldiers was a booming Industry. It was very very big business - not even the great CIA/Pentagon or FBI can deny this.

With SIROP program we had endeavored to change this mega global Industry - friends/people do you understand English - what we are saying - Those who knew the alternatives of that SIROP program from those 95% in that Seychelles or our respective communities across the world. When you become embroil in such challenges what it imply and relate in simple English.

To be brief we were told bluntly - you deliver on that SIROP program or you can choose when you say godby to the living world. That was not our concern we knew we had the capacity to deliver on that SIROP program - those who really know come what may. ( the UN, the Russian, Chinese, the EU, the African Union)

The restructuring of the global Freelance Soldiers - corporate wise.

Prince Harry announce his retirement from the Army we tried to share what impacted him.

Judge Cherie Booth/Blair challenging health Care venture failed - we have addressed briefly those who care and know.

When we are required to relocate and reformulate the parameters of our workings/office etc., the impacts on global Freelance Solider Industry - just one item. They are not exactly your students protesters or Austerity cuts protesters. We have gone out of our way to mentioned this because we promised we would. Those who fail and will refuse to become involved to manage this mega problematic.

We have addressed the former Head of NGO Seychelles - we trust he will listen or "decide let the wolves get him as they say".

We also have in the person of former President Sir J R Mancham and his many global responsibilities Peace making, Faith related issues - had we gone to him and he of all Seychellois know a very great deal about the place/flat workings because to a great extent it has contributed to making him what he has become the past 15 years - the whole world believes he has achieved all this by himself. Like the millions who use us and abuse of our responsibilities. " to remind everybody what ex Minister Pat Pillay said in the Video Interview that very important person who goes around and trip up everybody he wish or want to" Just one example how very difficult our situation is.…


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