Former High Commissionar R Rasool at it again

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Former High Commissionar R Rasool at it again

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:49 am

We have noticed the intensification in a number of areas and issues the attempts of those who wants former ambassador Roland Rasool to get involved or have some kind of greater say in the affairs of our community in EU.

We got our crude political education from the like of Mr Adam, Mr Finlay Roselie – who held those discussion at Mr Desire Ah Time Curio shop vis a vis the police Station { where we watched Archbishop Makarios and his deputies coming to report to the police} Among others.

We have on several occasion addressed the issues of those who had wanted to mount or put through plan of Unilateral independence/government in Seychelles – the list and names of those involved their national reputation and respectability in Seychelles then. We knew and was aware of the plan and many aspects of the details – the reason they did not carry it out not because they could not – their fears of failing.

We encountered this phenomena on several occasion during the 15 years of exile – those who had attempted to set up government in exile from the Seychelles community – our resolve to analyze why they failed and kept failing each time – almost becoming a laughing stock by the very soldiers and military experts they try to recruit for a coup d'etat. Most important the approach – those who had failed to go about with a Unilateral Independence plan – the fate FA Rene handed them. In exile dispersed their approach to supporting and changing Seychelles then system.

Equally – the decision and strategy by the Executive of the main opposition SNM/MPR, SDP – Mr Andre Uzice party and that of former President Mancham Mouvement pour la Retour de Democracy in Seychelles how to go about rallying, maintaining exile support for their cause and ideology – particular plan of action.

To quote and use the world of the late Mr Gerrard Houreau – “the best way and method to maintain unity among the exile is to create – let them remain in certain limbo and rally them around information that would do maximum damage to the government in Seychelles.”

We had live and been educated in East Africa, had made it our business to be reasonably informed across wide sphere of issues related to such matters before we came to London, decision to use the UN recommendation in 1979 to help create or create a wider – long term grass root system - structures for our exile in Britain and EU – those of our community before in Europe and our ancestors who had fled Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius – link with them. This was the compelling reason for Mr Gerrard to quasi party company with our self. Those who recall and know events which followed.

After the founding of UKSCA there are several Seychelles exile who judge and thought they could do a better job and the conclusion, result they ended by destroying and making that organization almost none existence.

There are those who think they can use time and age to play with the lives and destiny of people of our communities -

We want to ask those of you who lived through that period –how many of you recall the bitter animosity which existed – those who choose to use one group or camp against another and what this made of us and landed the community. Divided and ineffective.

For this reason should somebody every body and we suggest Mr Roland Rasool is a good candidate to start researching given his reasonable education – however lack of diplomatic and political experiences to embark upon such project and research may bring about his political and diplomatic reeducation – and learn if he is sincere the horror of exile – those who have abused, debase, maltreating and manipulated the Seychelles people in exile, before the left Seychelles and over the past 30 years. But that would not suit Mr Roland Rasool purpose.

Had we not put hat Seychelles exile return program SIROP program as we did -,God knows where we would have been today- in private we know – a terrible 3rd world war. Because the issues here – conflicts and confrontation between the powers then, Seychelles position and role -,those who supported FA Rene Ideology.

We had many meeting and discussion with the Executives and officials of the many Grass and ethnic - voluntary bodies in London after the multi party changes in Seychelles – why had those who had returned unable to take power or share in power properly. We have communicated to the UN and EU, the Vatican on this issues. We had warned many of those then executive in exile of their approach - political practice – if they continue to allowed themselves to to be used and be divided when they lend in Seychelles they will not be able to stand against FA Rene system and indeed their position would be very importantly undermined once the people in Seychelles became aware of their practice and division. Very important the facts that they made a very big mistake to burn or abandon the bridge and infrastructures they had began to build in Europe then. Indeed this is what followed.

From Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar by now their young academicians or graduates would have written many well researched documentaries, books or reports which could have been used to support the future our ongoing debate and development of Seychelles and its current generation. This is not the case with the Seychelles academicians or graduates – instead we have our media which is dreadful and those who so far have attempted failed very poorly.

The question to ask and many across the world will be asking what is the nature of the Seychellois thinking. Like those who had wanted to put through the Unilateral independence plan, those who planned 10/11 times to change Seychelles by force and failed the reasons they failed. indeed those who have led and stood for presidential election and lead the opposition. The substance of their thinking these past 18 years.

Mr Roland Rasool of all individual ought to recall and remember the reason for his appointment and the debate around his appointment by FA Rene after the economic and political situation in Seychelles had collapse -he was chosen upon our recommendation – FA Rene government listening to our argument and the then situation in Britain which existed. because we had been influential in his appointment and aware of the diplomatic working that however inexperience and uninformed he was about the situation of the Seychelles Community in Exile as they say in this country he would be able or be brought by to take certain cues. This was not the case in very many instances – FA Rene was compelled to close the Seychelles High commission on him.

We live and work in a world of political filth , dishonesty, corruptions and greeds. There are those who have their agenda on Seychelles – the Indian ocean and African Union.

Because Mr Roland Rasool haver decided to enter into the jungle of grass root, ethnic minority and their politic – is he aware that the reason the so call VCJD/MADCOW, SATANIC RAVE/RAGE, CRACK VIBE WAS CREATED AND INVENTED TO CONTROL THE MIND NOT OF JUST ONE INDIVIDUAL – A WHOLE COMMUNITY, AWHOLE NATION OR IF NEED BE THE WOLE WORLD ON A GIVEN SITUATION OR OCCASION. Right across the board in grass root community and ethnic debate in Britain and Europe those who take such debate and issues very seriously, the state of thing not just among the ethnic communities by the spreading and abuse of these system right across the nation and in vast many high institutions and establishments and the ensuing results. Those like Mr Roland Rasool, who are scared or would be scared to debate and discuss them in public.

This week the European Union launched its Integration Portal – beside this vastly complex portal and the objective and purpose of its conception – the vast resources and budget of the EU - The system and possibilities our British or EU community did not have them 18 years ago. How the EU Parliament, the EU commission, the Court and the Council of Europe is going to view and weigh us. There are those forum our community and in Seychelles who had criticized the approach we had taken of informing the above mention over the many complex and important issues which make our community past present and future. A great deal of this have been done in writing over the past 18 years. The crucial question in these very dangerous and grave economic state of thing and situation aware of the possibilities of that Integration Portal of EU. To be able to make due in put - this is not about being children in kinder garden or in class room - as much as the Commission would like every body to believe - one need to go about the issues seriously. One need to know what EU was all about 30 years ago and what is EU is all about today and the future.

The reason the world have landed in the current economic, financial and political situation is the political, diplomatic and acceptable working benchmark across the world and the media involvement.

We could and would have done a great deal more with the Seychelles EU Community portal project. Those around the world who have monitored and watch what development takes place daily and over the time in relation with this Portal – recently we added the EU community Network and the Indian Ocean Network. These two Network does not belong to me as person - but the community. 18 – 25 years ago had we had such possibilities our community and those interested to help – contribute and empower members of the respective communities – they would have joined and made it their business and responsibility to make use of it appropriately. Equally Mr Roland Rasool by now must have been informed, told that these two network exist and their purpose as indeed hundreds of other communities have similar networks across the world and the way they use it. To date nobody have wished to use it or become involved.

We believe here at work is a very underreported group of individuals at work – not having the interest of the greater community at heart or at large their own selfish little power play, media circus and British depraved political cocktail.

We have taken time to address the issue of the 2004/5 Earth quake and the Tsunami this did not affect the European greatly – we are being very blunt – their hypocrisy – this mega economic melt 2009 down have affected then, is their concern – this is in turn related to many of the pat issues we have addressed and presented, the future of the Seychelles community in EU and the Indian ocean.

Because of the like of Mr Roland Rasool – right across the world, the vast protest, the dishonesty and the corruption – we have reached where we are and facing a very dangerous moment in modern history. If society and the world have not learn their lesson they still want and wish to use such practice and individuals - the world is big and free – Just like we tackled and challenged former President FA Rene we will tackle and challenge Mr Bertrand Rasool approach to getting involved in the affairs of our community and those despots – rather those who know very little about our people and substance, those who want to control the world -.bent upon being control freaks. We will have to face them and confront them. Mr Roland Rassool belongs to those who was adamant that Saddam Hussein had WMD and other wired diplomatic/political conclusions. Those of you who can, this is not qualification for somebody to take care and look after the Seychelles Community in EU

Then there is the issue of the Mantle or Heritage of Sir James Mancham and FA Rene those like Mr Roland Rasool - like those in the hey days of counter coup d'etat who judge and thought this was pick nick, a good laugh -, they knew better or were smarter. Where this landed them and us all. He and those who think it is now time to make a rush /run as who will compete or inherits the above Mantle, their powers and connections.

Obviously Mr Rasool have not done his Home work properly those control freaks who are behind his goal and endevours. There is the need to understand how our EU system works and anybody who aspire to taken any responsibility role or office would be advice and encourage to do so.

Note: We have noticed the AKS Forum issues and the Katiolo Club


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Re: Former High Commissionar R Rasool at it again

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:54 am

Forum and visitors,

Good morning - there was this /or a massive bust up last night raging all throught the night all the parties involved - concerning the former/ last Seychelles High Commisionar - those from our community who judge and advice we address it on our community forum this morning.

We have written to the highest institutions in EU and their respective governments that some of the methods used have caused and led to terrible outcome and loss of lives (the abuse of satanic rave/rage, crack vibe and other antisocial - neighbor from hell practice, threaths and bullying, intimidation) particualrly in this instance the party work and represent the Judiciary of Britain.

Our Sechelles - Seychelles EU archaic/fraternal Christain heritage, mechanism have the capacity and means to verify such practice along with that of EU.

Beside other countries we have published to negative outcome. The negative outcome is our primary concern not the positive ones.

Nuclear sub 'discharge' warning
Submarine at Faslane base
The Clyde Naval base is home to a fleet of nuclear submarines

The naval base at Faslane has suffered a series of safety breaches including radioactive leaks from nuclear-powered submarines, it has been revealed.

A report, issued under the Freedom of Information Act, showed the Ministry of Defence, (MoD) describing the failings as a "recurring theme".

On three occasions radioactive coolant leaked from nuclear submarines.

Scotland's environment watchdog, (Sepa)said it would have considered closing the base if it had had the power.

Formal legal action could not be taken because military bases are exempt from the law governing nuclear sites.

Formal letter

The documents also showed the Navy did not know how much radioactivity was discharged.

HM Naval Base Clyde, at Faslane, is home to Britain's fleet of submarines armed with Trident nuclear missiles.

It is also the base for a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines armed with conventional weapons.

Three times, in 2004, 2007 and 2008, radioactive coolant leaked from nuclear submarines into the Firth of Clyde.

An improvement plan is currently under way to ensure modern standards and best practice at the base
MoD statement

In August 2007, the nuclear-powered submarine HMS Superb discharged water, potentially contaminated with radioactive Tritium and Cobalt-60, directly into Gare Loch.

Sepa's response was a formal letter to Faslane expressing its concern.

It noted that it had not been told about the incident for six days.

In February 2008, it happened again.

This time HMS Torbay was warming up its reactor when a tank overflowed.

Sepa issued another letter in the form of an enforcement notice.

The environment watchdog said the radiological consequences were minor.

But it was concerned proper procedures had not been followed.

An MoD spokesman said: "The discharges into the Gare Loch had no environmental consequences.

"The MoD is a responsible nuclear operator and informed the appropriate regulatory authorities.

"We commissioned an independent study into the facilities and practices at HM Naval Base Clyde and an improvement plan is currently under way to ensure modern standards and best practice at the base."

The two brothers involved in the accident involving the Honda and a black Mercedese both black.

Three people killed in car accident Northern Ireland


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